Friday, October 14, 2016

Azure Virtual Network- Architecture

Public IP Address Space In Azure VNet

Virtual networks (VNets) can contain both public and private (RFC 1918 address blocks) IP address spaces. When you add a public IP address range, it will be treated as part of the private VNet IP address space that is only reachable within the VNet, interconnected VNets, and from your on-premises location.

The picture below shows a VNet that includes public and private IP adress spaces.

You add a public IP address range the same way you would add a private IP address range; by either using a netcfg file, or by adding the configuration in the Azure portal. You can add a public IP address range when you create your VNet, or you can go back and add it afterward. The example below shows both public and private IP address spaces configured in the same VNet.

P.S. There are a few IP address ranges that are not allowed-
  • (Multicast)
  • (Broadcast)
  • (loopback)
  • (link-local)
  • (Internal DNS)

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